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Sliding Closet Doors


Multi-functional. Not only can they be used to optimize your use of space, these dynamic fixtures can be used as a partition, decoration, or entrance way to cover up what lies behind it.

Custom. Available in whiteboard panels, mirrored, glass, or back painted, or colored glass, you can also choose from a variety of frames and structures. Most frequently seen with white, aluminium, or black frames, they can make for a signature look in your space.


The new hot topic closet would be the multi-panel, grid look below! This is the only sliding closet door that we provide installation for.

Sliding closet doors only require a set of common screws to set up in your home. Depending on the type of closet ordered, turnaround time can range from 24 hours to up to a week. The full set would be available for pick-up, pre-assembled. Only basic installation knowledge is required.

We do not provide the screws for pick-up!

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